As an abstract artist, I have set out to explore my personal vision through non-objective forms and figurative allusions. My art evolves out of personal inspiration and vision.

By consciously creating the unconscious, I allow the viewer to explore my inner being. I like to challenge the viewer to explore the recesses of their own unconscious.  

Whether you want to call my art mystical, spiritual, or magical, I like to think of my art as mining the energy of intuitive emotion.

Through spatial tensions and non-objective forms, I entice the viewer to explore my secret world. I feel my kind of art is the most honest and intimate form of communication.

American abstract artist Mary Lea Bradley is a self taught artist from Southern California. Her focus is primarily on painting in this expressive body of work. Bradley’s Art is immediately striking. Her paintings are characterized by a sense of mystery that invites the viewer in. The paintings transport you from reality to a vibrant, mystical world, where you are the story teller, creating and interpreting your own stories. She’s the kind of artist anyone can talk with. Extremely approachable.

Rooted squarely in emotional abstraction, Mary Lea Bradley’s work is never static. Through the intangible elements of light, movement and space, Bradley creates images of uninhibited sensuality. A master colorist, her rich tonal balance exuberantly depicts abstraction with passion, sensation and feeling.

It is imagery filled with an intensity of atmosphere that makes the viewer an insider. Her pieces attract; you want to know more, where it started, where it’s going. The viewer’s curiosity makes this artist and her work take flight.
Bradley currently lives and works in San Diego, California. Her award winning work can be found in private collections throughout the United States and Internationally in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Thailand, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Italy and Spain.